Devin Duffy-Halseth: I really love hearing about various trojans fight vectors and APT marketing

Devin Duffy-Halseth: I really love hearing about various trojans fight vectors and APT marketing

Dan M. Dan was a broad-spectrum development expert with 18 numerous years of experience, 13 in direct results of Digital Forensics and experience reaction (DFIR). Dan enjoys served as a contributor, Technical Lead, and Practice contribute for a Fortune 10 event feedback solution. Contained in this role, Dan supplied oversight into plans and shipments regarding the services including a functioning as a senior event handler and important incident lead. Dan’s research enjoy includes support for fundamental forensic review right up through answers to accomplish enterprise violation circumstances. With this efforts Dan added to your patent development of enterprise hazard intelligence revealing engineering. Dan has additionally been a presenter at activities such as for example 1ST, Evanta, HTCIA, APWG, IEEE and many visitors engagements. ‘” 3_Saturday,,,Workshops,”Octavius 7″,”‘Practical Malware Comparison: Hands-On'”,”‘Sam Bowne, Devin Duffy-Halseth, Dylan James Smith'”,”‘

Dylan James Smith

Discover ways to analyze windowpanes malware products, with a practical variety of projects in a great, CTF-style conditions. There are four quantities of evaluation issues.

1. practical fixed evaluation with document, chain, PEiD, PEview, addiction Walker, and VirusTotal 2. fundamental vibrant analysis with techniques track, processes Explorer, RegShot, and Wireshark 3. cutting-edge static review with IDA expert Free and Hopper 4. complex dynamic research with Ollydbg and Windbg

The most important problems include simple sufficient for novices, as well as the later people become tough adequate to attention intermediate protection gurus. We shall express the challenges, discuss the engineering and techniques, and help players make it through all of them as required.

All resources and challenges tend to be free at , such as slip decks, video lectures, and hands-on venture training. Might stay offered after the workshop stops.

Requirements: person need acquainted fundamental C programming. Knowledge about developing screens solutions, system words, and debuggers is effective however required.

Items: individuals must deliver a laptop (any OS) with VMware or VirtualBox attached to they. Each participant need a 32-bit Windows virtual maker to run spyware trials. USB sticks with a Windows machine 2008 VM would be readily available for children to copy. Some jobs additionally use a Kali Linux VM to simulate the net, but that’s not essential.

Sam Bowne Sam Bowne was training desktop marketing and safety sessions at area College San Francisco since 2000. They have offered speaks and practical courses at DEFCON, HOPE, RSA, B-Sides SF, B-Sides LV, and several different disadvantages. He’s a PhD and a CISSP and plenty of T-shirts.

Dylan James Smith Dylan James Smith keeps assisted Sam Bowne with practical workshops at DEF CON, RSA, B-Sides LV and other seminars. He’s got worked around the computer support business since adolescence. Now heA?AˆA™s old(er.) At this time concentrated on studying and training “”the cybers.”” ‘” 3_Saturday,,,BHV,”Pisa Room”,”‘Biohackers Die'”,”‘Jeffrey Tibbetts'”,”‘Title: Biohackers Die

Presenter: Jeffrey Tibbetts About Jeffrey: Jeffrey Tibbetts are a Biohacker, blogger, body mod singer and nurse out of Southern California. HeA?AˆA™s been a collaborator on jobs starting from insufflatable peptides that extend REM rest to non-Newtonian armour implants. The guy placed 3rd from inside the Biohack community Oxytocin casino poker competition and carried out an implant on transhumanist presidential prospect Zoltan Istvan. Jeff has the annual show, A?AˆA?GrindfestA?AˆA? in Tehachapi Ca which ny instances shows is actually for A?AˆA?the genuine transhumanists.A?AˆA? He shares his research area with two great pets, Chango and Grumpus, and additionally two just appropriate cats, Binky and Mildew.

Sam Bowne

Abstract: within the last ten years, the ways we follow human being enhancement have become increasingly unpleasant. WeA?AˆA™ve thus far become lucky, but itA?AˆA™s likely if not inescapable that a death will occur because of biohacking. This demonstration talks about the numerous safety measures being used by biohackers to help make our very own treatments and jobs as safer possible.