How Does eHarmony Customer Service Compare to Other Dating Sites?

How Does eHarmony Customer Service Compare to Other Dating Sites?

What Payment Methods Does eHarmony Accept?

While this dating site doesn’t accommodate most payment types, they accept two of the major ones: Paypal and credit card. So, before you opt to upgrade to a premium account, ensure you can pay via these methods.

Credit cards and debit cards go hand in hand. So, don’t shy away from using your debit card just because you don’t have a credit card.

If you opt to transact via your credit/debit card, the name “eHarmony” will reflect on your credit/debit card statement. Make sure to check!

Most leading dating sites have customer service available, and eHarmony is no exception. Their customer desk is open 24 hours a day, just so you don’t get stuck whenever you want more information about something or need a few questions answered.

You can choose from eHarmony’s various communication modes to contact them. This includes phone, live chat, and email. Pick what works for you!

Is It Worth Paying for eHarmony?

Considering that the platform’s success rate speaks for itself, we would say that eHarmony gives you value for the money.

In other words, you’re likely to find a perfect match on the dating site, even if it takes a while. This is fuelled by the near-proportional gender split, among other factors, which limits your chances of having to compete over someone.

How Successful Is eHarmony?

Well, eHarmony is successful enough to offer its services in more than 200 countries. Also, you’ve probably already heard of it, which is a sign that it’s doing pretty well.

On a scale of 1 to 10, we’d give eHarmony 8 as far as the success rate goes. Thousands of couples have shared their stories with the dating company, mostly recommending the site for making them tie the knot.

And, did you know eHarmony is responsible for over 500 marriages a day, in the US alone? This translates to 20 per minute, approximately. This probably explains the high price tag the dating company boasts.

eharmony Data and Results Reviewed

  • The large user base makes for a large dating pool, nationally and internationally, so you can cast your nets wider hassle-free
  • Detailed profile pages mean you get to assess your matches before going all-in
  • Security features make it unlikely you’ll be bothered by bots or fake profiles
  • The numerous success stories on the site inspire you to keep trying
  • There’s a specific section Bridgeport CT escort girls for seniors, so older people can try online dating that is catered to their needs

So, Is eHarmony Worth the Hype?

Despite the few caveats we’ve stated in this review, eHarmony could be the reason you end up walking down the aisle.

Yes, you might be unable to view all the user-profiles, but it’s just that eHarmony has got a better (matching) system in place to tackle that. It lets you view the users who’re compatible with you. And while you can communicate with potential dates via messaging only, they’re likely going to reply.

If you’re still skeptical, we get it, but you might want to explore eHarmony’s success stories, which speak for themselves.

Your personality profile also features your preferences, an “About me” area, and a compatibility tab – a character-trait tab that shows the compatibility level of your matches’ values with yours.

Also, because eHarmony is secure enough, so are the payments. Therefore, your information is unlikely to be seen by third parties.

And yes, a free membership is available at Christian Mingle like most other Christian dating sites. Although, it’s limited, like with eHarmony. You’ll need to be a paid subscriber to enjoy the platform’s functionality fully.